Mentions Légales

General Conditions of use and access:

(a) Use of this website for posting and commenting purposes has to be effected in full and strict compliance with the Laws of the Republic of Mauritius.

(b) Comments and postings which are deemed by the moderator to be injurious, prejudicial, incitement to hatred, racism, crime and against national security, defamatory  etc shall not be posted.

(c) Where the moderator considers postings and comments to amount to false news, same will be removed from the website.

(d) The moderator shall restrict and or shutdown access to the site’s forum, chatrooms, discussion group where it considers same to be necessary.

(e) In the event that the moderator/owner of the site is called upon to pay compensation as a result of such postings and comments which have caused prejudice to a user or non user, the author of such postings /comments  will be liable to the moderator/owner.

(f) The moderator reserves itself the right not to publish/webcast any comments/postings.

(g) Any one posting or commenting on a particular news item must use all means to verify that the news is neither fake nor false.

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